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Travel Guides:

I’ve tried Rough Guides, National Geographic Traveler, and Time Out guides and nothing stands up to Lonely Planet. For completely independent travel, I won’t go to a country without the Lonely Planet country guide in my pack. The Pocket and Encounter series are both great to keep in your daypack to help you navigate a city. I haven’t tried their Discover series because it’s more loaded with pictures than the regular country guide, and I don’t need to carry around pictures of beautiful places in my pack when I’m seeing the beautiful places for myself.


Another plus about Lonely Planet guides is that they’re the easiest to find abroad. Many travelers sell their copies to used book stores near the end of their time in a country to lighten their load. New book stores are more likely to have Lonely Planet than any other major guidebook. If you decide to change your itinerary while abroad or you lose your copy, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a Lonely Planet (don’t expect the newest version, but it’ll work).

lonely planets 


Other travel books:

In addition to Lonely Planet guidebooks, I use other travel books to help plan and get inspiration for my trips, but leave them at home.


1,000 Places to See Before You Die – There are different versions and editions of this book, the first one was fairly Euro-centric and featured no color pages.  However, I still check it to see what highlights of the world I might be wandering near.  Many of its suggestions are out of normal people’s budgets, but once you know what areas or sites are of interest you can often find cheaper alternatives.

The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World (Lonely Planet)
– This is more of a collector’s coffee table type book.  It’s very large and useless for planning purposes (even though it’s from Lonely Planet), but the big, beautiful pictures can help inspire a trip at the beginning.

The 10 Best of Everything National Parks: 800 Top Picks From Parks Coast to Coast (National Geographic the 10 Best of Everything)
– Once I know what parks I’ll be visiting I always consult the index of the book to find out what highlights each park has to offer.  Whether it’s a hike, a cocktail, or a picnic spot, this book will let you know where to find the best of everything in the US National Park system.

How to Travel the World on $50 a Day: Travel Cheaper, Longer, Smarter
– If you want to plan a longer or cheaper journey, this book is a great resource.  Much of the content can be found through internet searches, but the book pulls everything together into one place with great personal tips and a very readable format.  This book will more than pay for itself in the hundreds of dollars it can help you save on travel.


Lonely Planet’s for this trip:
Lonely Planet Philippines (Travel Guide)

Lonely Planet Vietnam (Travel Guide)

Lonely Planet Cambodia (Travel Guide)

Lonely Planet Thailand (Travel Guide)

Lonely Planet Pocket Bangkok (Travel Guide)


4 thoughts on “Books

  1. I believe You. Personally I prefer small handy books which I can put to my pocket. Books can never beat photo blogs from one country, but together they complete each others. For example I have more 20000 photos presenting my Finland in my photo blog. In blogs man can find thing which are not mentioned in books. One example:

    Church scale models from matches .

    You cannot find which kind of hobbies what people have, but in blogs You can. Two examples:

    Bags from empty coffee bags.

    How to make a beaded bracelet?.

    What about wooden carvings? Two example:

    Wooden art1.

    Wooden art2.

    Well, I think that two next posts show gorgeous photos which are not found in these books:

    World’s Biggest Snow Castle.

    Arctic Circle in winter.

    Of course these two places are told in books with few photos, but to show enough photos that a future visitor gets an excellent idea, that’s why photo blogs are important. These were only few examples what real photo blogs offer!

    Happy travel!


    • You’re absolutely right about web photos being a great source for travel inspiration (with the book handy in the day pack). I’d been relying mostly on Trip Advisor photos, but the more I explore blogs the more great places I discover. Your snow castle pictures for example look so neat that I want to visit it in spite of my hatred of the cold!

      -thanks for being one of the first to read and comment on my blog and sharing your photos! denise 🙂


    • I’m writing down dates in my 1,000 places book too! I don’t cross them out though, because sometimes I go back to visit again, so I put a checkmark and the year each time I visit a place.

      -thanks for being one of the first to comment on my blog! i’ve been enjoying reading about your money saving travel tips 🙂


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