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Round the World 2014

Round the World 2014

Although I’ve been traveling my whole life, and I’ve done multi-country backpacking on multiple occasions, the second half of 2014 will by my first Round the World (RTW) trip. It’s always been a dream of mine to travel all the way around the world and reach far-flung exotic destinations. After shockingly little deliberation, my Husband and I decided in February of 2014 to quit our jobs, sell our belongings, and leave our Los Angeles’ lives behind us.

In August of 2014 we’ll be selling our condo, packing up our lives, and heading out on a cross-country road trip across the Southern US. Why the Southern US?
– the least hills to tackle in a U-Haul
– I’ve already driven across the Northern and Central US
– I can cross off almost all remaining states to visit in the US
We’ll end out August spending time with family and friends on the East coast before embarking on the international portion of our trip.

September will take us to Japan and the Philippines (as long as the Ebola doesn’t keep spreading). October is for Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar. November’s tentative plan includes about a week each in the Maldives, Jordan, Egypt, and Venice. December should be Morocco and Spain before returning to the US in time for Christmas. I say “tentative” and “should” because right now we have guidebooks, a plan, and a “go with the flow” mentality. If we decide to extend our stay in one country at the expense of time another, so be it! If we end up somewhere else entirely, that’s all good too.

“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going.”

~Paul Theroux



4 thoughts on “Round the World 2014

      • I am thinking of starting in Central America for a while… Slowly work my way south 🙂 I need to meet some people in Africa the year after so travel there after Central America – then no plans, see where I feel like it 🙂 where are you off to next?


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