Skirts and Dresses

I don’t wear skirts or dresses very often, but in many foreign countries it’s the norm for women to wear skirts (it’s also nice to dress up every now and then while on the road). In preparation for our Round the World trip, I invested in some new skirts and a dress designed with travel in mind. It can be kind of annoying to buy clothing just for travel purposes, but all of these items are cute enough for the real world. To save extra money on fantastic, high-quality clothing look for end of season sales or the previous year’s style.
Womens Patagonia Kamala Convertible Dress – This skirt isn’t just the best thing since sliced bread, it’s better. It can be worn FOUR ways! It can be a long asymmetrical (longer on one side) skirt or a long fishtail (longer in the back) skirt because there is no “front” to the skirt. As a dress, you can again turn it to the side for a strapless asymmetrical dress, or you can use the ties as a halter and have a fishtail in the back. On top of the many ways to wear the skirt, the fabric is so comfortable that you’ll never want to go back to your other clothing. Patagonia has been making this skirt for years because it’s so popular, and you can often find last season’s patterns at a great discount. The asymmetrical/fishtail design is newer, but really puts this skirt over the top in awesomeness.

*ExOfficio makes a similar product, the ExOfficio Women’s Goto Maxi Skirt, but it can only be worn two ways, and as a skirt it looks like there would be a lot of extra fabric at the waistline.

Two of the four ways to wear the Patagonia Kamala convertible skirt/dress

Two of the four ways to wear the Patagonia Kamala convertible skirt/dress


ExOfficio Women’s Goto 24 Hour Dress – This dress seems to have replaced the very popular Go-To Tank Dress.   I for one am a fan of the belt and pockets on the 24 Hour Dress, and the built-in shelf bra means this dress can be worn solo. ExOfficio uses fabric that is moisture wicking, quick drying, stretchy, and odor resistant in their Go-To clothing line. This dress is also allegedly wrinkle resistant, but I’ll know more about that after a few weeks of travel.



Columbia Kestrel Ridge Skort – Unfortunately Columbia doesn’t seem to be making anything quite as perfect as this skirt currently, but they have others that are similar. The built in spandex style shorts turn a normal khaki skirt, into go-anywhere, comfortable cuteness. This skort has all the pockets, movement, and feeling of shorts, but the niceness factor of skirt. Columbia products have great travel/hiking features like Omni-Wick (moisture-wicking), Omni-Shade (sun-blocking), and Omni-Shield (stain repelling) fabrics.



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