Ways to Follow

Ways to Follow


The Internet is an ever-changing place, and I’ll do my best to offer different types of media in different ways because I know everyone enjoys different things. For those of you not familiar with all of the options out there, here’s a summary:


If you want pictures as often as possible, follow on Instagram @destinationdenise   You can view Instagram photos on the web, but it works best as an app for mobile phones.

If you want to get updates when you’re checking Facebook, you can like the Destination Denise Facebook page.

If you want videos of beautiful places and unique experiences, you can subscribe to the DestinationDenise YouTube channel. The first video is just a cute greeting from my rescue puppy, Shorty, but once the Round the World journey begins you can expect an interesting of my travels!

If you want emails to let you know when new content is available, look for the box on the right that says “Follow Blog via Email”. Below that you’ll see a box that says, “Enter your email address”. I think you can figure the rest of that one out.

If you use WordPress, you can follow the blog by clicking on the blue box at right that says Follow destinationdenise

If you use Blogger, you should switch to WordPress. I tried each for a few days/posts and WordPress is so similar and yet so much better.

If you like reading things on paper, I suggest printing out the website (on recycled paper and double sided of course) because I don’t have any book writing plans. Too much traveling to do!


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