Travel Underwear

It’s not a topic that comes up very often among travelers, but if you’re going to invest in anything for traveling, a few good pairs of underwear are a great place to start. Look for items that will dry quickly so you can wash them in the sink and hang them to dry overnight. Products that wick away moisture or have odor fighting properties are also fantastic. In my quest for the BEST travel underwear, I’ve made a few discoveries that might help you pick the perfect pair!

Women's travel underwear (from top going clockwise) ExOfficio Lacy Low Rise, Patagonia Active Hipster, Patagonia Barely Bikini, ExOfficio String Bikini

Women’s travel underwear (from top going clockwise) ExOfficio Lacy Low Rise, Patagonia Active Hipster, Patagonia Barely Bikini, ExOfficio String Bikini

ExOfficio Give-N-Go® String Bikini
This is one of my top two choices. ExOfficio is one of the few brands known for travel specific clothing and they have a variety of underwear options. I don’t usually like string bikini style underwear, but these are just awesome. They provide a good amount of coverage while still being low-rise enough to not stick out above most pants. They stay in place and are super comfortable. Lightweight, quick-dry, and anti-microbial treatment. Hard to find in stores so I recommend online ordering.

Patagonia Active hipster –
These are my second favorite travel undies. They’re a heavier fabric than ExOfficio and this style has more coverage, but they stay put and are extremely comfortable. They’re great for days when you’ll be hiking or even doing a lot of walking. Although they’re expensive, they’re very durable and worth the investment. The extra-wide waistband never digs in. These are quick drying, but not lightweight or anti-microbial. On the plus side, they’re made from 51% recycled polyester and can be recycled by Patagonia.

ExOfficio Women’s Give-N-Go Lacy Low Rise Bikini
These are similar to the string bikini, but offer slightly less coverage in the back. I read some online reviews saying that they shift/ride up a tiny bit and then stop. I thought that sounded crazy and didn’t believe it, but it’s true, and it feels a little weird. I also found the lace to be a bit itchy and sometimes it folded over on itself. If you want travel underwear that’s cuter/sexier, then this pair should fit the bill, but if you don’t care about looks I’d go with the string bikini over this one. Like all ExOfficio undies these are also lightweight, quick dry, and have an anti-microbial treatment.

Patagonia Barely Bikini –
I wanted and expected to love this underwear so much that I ordered a pair in every color. That was a bit of a mistake. This “Barely” underwear is really barely underwear. The material feels not much thicker than a pair of pantyhose and I question how durable it will be compared to my other pairs. It’s also extremely low cut, we’re talking plumber’s crack low. It is by far the most compact and lightweight of all the options and definitely will not show above your pants, but I’m not a huge fan so far. Made of 69% recycled materials and also recyclable through Patagonia.

ExOfficio Women’s Give-N-Go Bikini Briefs
The pair of these that I have is about 5 years old and I suspect they fixed some of the problems since then. I found these to be the worst at staying in place and most likely to bunch up. I disliked them enough that I only ever use them when traveling and on laundry days when nothing else is clean. A little bit too full on the coverage side for my taste, I felt like I was wearing granny panties. As I said, they may have fixed these issues, but I was put off from trying anymore in this style.


And for the men folk, the husband recommends the following two options:
ExOfficio Men’s GiveNGo Boxer Brief

ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer


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