New Design and Going Global!

I have officially stayed up way too late redesigning this website to make it easier for you, my lovely readers, to navigate.  When people who know me see what time this posts, they’re going to ask what I was doing up at 1:30 in the morning (and probably point out a bunch of typos).

Well ta-da!  You’re looking at it now.  A neater, cleaner look and more content than ever before!!  (which is really true every time I add something, but it makes this teeny tiny entry seem more important somehow)

In staying up way too late, I did discover something wonderful though: China and France are now on the map of DestinationDenise readers!   Huānyíng and Bienvenue to my newest friends!

Map of countries that have viewed DestinationDenise as of September 10th

Map of countries that have viewed DestinationDenise as of September 10th


If you’re reading this and you have friends in Greenland, Russia or Kazakhstan, please send them a link to this site to help me fill in my map 🙂  Other countries are valuable and appreciated greatly as well, but those are just some BIG empty spaces on the map that I’d really like to get rid of.  Thanks to the Canadians for filling in their part, you guys are great neighbors!



– On September 11th, Spain, Israel, Rwanda, and Trinidad & Tobago checked out DestinationDenise!  Hola, shalom, muraho and hello to my newest readers!  

– Selamat pagi to the person in Malaysia who checked out the website on September 12th! 



One thought on “New Design and Going Global!

  1. Great new design – you HAVE been losing sleep DestinationDenise :). I’ll have to admit though, I just love browsing through my stats to see which far-flung corners of the globe are reaching my blog. It is very exciting! Not long now, you guys must be very excited.


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