Travel Tales

The Journey Begins

It’s sort of hard to pinpoint when exactly our crazy, round the world journey began. You could say it was when we quit our jobs, or sold our house and belongings. When we left to start driving across the US would be another good point. The moment we put on our backpacks and walked out of my parents’ door, the first one way train ticket, or maybe the first one way flight.
Having been through all of those moments, I’m going to have to say that while all those moments felt big, it wasn’t until the plane began descending into Tokyo’s Narita airport that I truly felt the journey was happening. What was it about landing in Tokyo that made it all feel more real than each of those other moments?

Panic. Dread. A brief fleeting moment of thinking “Holy sh*t am I really doing this? Am I really carrying my life on my back for the rest of 2014? In countries where I know no one? With a husband I love tremendously but have certainly never spent this much continuous time together with? What the f*ck was I thinking? Who does this?”

It only lasted a minute, maybe five. And I expect the feelings will reemerge at points throughout our trip when things aren’t going quite right. But there’s no turning back now. No jobs or house to go back to.
This is the beginning of the first chapter in a new life. I don’t know what the final story will be, but I will take it one day, one adventure, and one brief panic attack at a time. And at the end, I will be one of those few people who has embarked on a life-changing, round the world journey. For better or worse, in sickness and in health, this is next four months of my life.


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