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My weeklong cruise of the Maldives came to a rather abrupt, and loud, halt this morning at 7:30am when we ran aground on a coral reef. Despite transferring water to different tanks, dumping extra water, dropping our secondary anchor, unloading all passengers, using the dive boat as a tug boat, waiting for high tide, and running the engines in reverse at full speed we are still stuck. A proper tugboat as well as the insurance company are en route from the capital, Male tonight.

On the bright side, I got to swim with a pod of wild dolphins!

I’m sure there will be more to this experience (as well as pictures) that I’ll be able to write and upload once I have better internet. Just wanted to let my readers know that I am alive, but also stranded in the Indian Ocean at present. At least I’ve got good company, good food, and an open bar!


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