In case you hadn’t guessed from the name of the site (and you’re one of the few people reading this site who somehow doesn’t know me but found this website anyways), my name is Denise and I’m a Travelaholic.  My Chilean mother instilled a love and appreciation for world travel in me, while my father showed me the wonders of the U.S. National Parks.  Getting the travel gene from both sides, I was put on an early path to world travel and destined to be afflicted with wanderlust.

For most of my adult life I have worked as a middle school science teacher which provided me with frequent vacation breaks (although no money) to indulge my wanderlust.  In the summer of 2014, my husband and I decided to quit our jobs, sell our belongings, leave our dogs with our parents, and travel the world for the rest of the year.  Although we will return to collect our dogs at the beginning of 2015, the future after that is a wide-open adventure (hopefully in the same time zone as our East coast friends and families).




When not traveling or planning to travel, you’ll find me playing with my dogs, sharing my love of science, or eating cake.  Actually you’ll find me eating cake while doing all of those things.

denise 🙂


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More ways to follow my journey: Ways to Follow


4 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks Loretta! I’m equally envious of all the traveling you’ve done! I’m going to try to post fairly often once we’re on the road. If you want to see pictures with quick captions more often than the blog gets updated, look on http://www.instagram.com/destinationdenise Since my internet access will be spotty, there may be quite a few times when all I get up is a picture, and the full story will follow later on the blog.

      denise 🙂


      • I don’t have Instagram, so not too sure that I can view your pictures? I blog on WordPress too, so naturally thought I could follow you there. I think our entire family’s middle name must be WAnderlust Moniz! :). Exciting times for you both, safe travels!


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