Below you’ll find links to the websites I use most when looking for inspiration or information for my travels

All the place to find DestinationDenise (if you’re only on this website you’re missing out!):
Facebook Fan Page – All the pictures, updates on blog posts, and easiest way to reach Denise
Instagram – Just the pictures
YouTube Channel – The only place to find videos from the trip
Twitter – A mix of pictures and updates
Tumblr – All the pictures and blog updates, no unique content, I just added Tumblr because it was easy and some people use it

Travel Blogs:
Nomadic Matt – Focused on traveling on a budget, which is always smart because then you’ve got more money for future travels!
Adventurous Kate – Focused on solo female travel, which I did a lot of before getting married, and helpful advice on starting a travel blog
His and Her Travel – Not a lot of married couples devote themselves to travel, but these guys do
The Chronicles of Wanderlust – Another traveling married couple with good global experience
365 Days Off Work – Another 30 something married couple that quit their jobs to travel for a year
Little Miss Explorer – Mostly in Australia and I mostly follow on Instagram for great photos
Storytime with John – Humorous anecdotes from around the world
Thoughts from the Road – Another younger traveler, making it to more of the world than most
Business Class Backpacker – Even if you can’t afford to stay in the fancier hotels, you can still enjoy the pictures and stories
Craving the Journey – A newer, but promising blog
Safari of the Mind – Travel and food! Two of my favorite things in one place. This is actually a family friend who has lived on four different continents and travels extensively
A Better Moment – Also Australian based (Aussie’s get way more vacation time than Americans) with great photos and a wide variety of destinations
Madison’s Avenue – Another young and newer blogger, since she’s still a student I imagine she’ll have more time for travel than most
Girl Gear Blog – Great and practical source for advice on women’s travel and outdoor clothing


Travel Websites:
Tripadvisor – If I can, I ALWAYS check reviews for hotels and attractions on this site. While abroad I don’t always have regular enough internet to do this, but when I can I do and this is always my first site for honest info, reviews, and photos. I do my best to give back to the Tripadvisor and you can find my reviews and photos under the profile DeniseMW


Shout outs to non-travel blogs:
Hyperbole and a Half – Hilarious content, the source of several internet memes, and my inspiration for hoping to someday move from Blogger to published author (buy the book for extra awesomeness Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened)
Sean and Katie’s Place – A very witty and clever college friend, you don’t have to know her to enjoy her humor
Edavantgarde  – One of the truly amazing teachers I worked with in Los Angeles who continues to work passionately to educate our youth
The Girl with Purple Hair – Probably the best English teacher I’ve had the pleasure to work with, her site is both introspective and motivational



Think your site is worth my very precious time?  Send me a link, and if it’s meet my lofty standards I’ll be happy to share your awesomeness with the world!  🙂


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